Our Story

URDA, Union of Relief and Development Associations, is a Lebanese non-governmental organization dedicated to ensuring the human rights of the most vulnerable groups in Lebanon.

In June 2012, the Syrian refugee crisis reached its peak in Lebanon. Immediately, thirty humanitarian non-governmental organizations felt the need to coordinate their humanitarian efforts under one strong umbrella, thus paving the way for the Union of Relief and Development Associations to be born.

URDA provides its services through seven different humanitarian sectors:

  • Shelter
  • Relief
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Protection
  • Livelihood
  • Sponsorship


URDA's distinctive logo has evolved through time to form the hand dove that we know today. URDA inspired its logo from the five principles that govern the organization's humanitarian efforts and have formed the shape of a hand of a human being that works for another. Since URDA has become a hand that crosses every continent in pursuit of helping underserved communities, the hand we know has started to mimic a dove that we wish to call a messenger of love and peace from one human being to another. The logo's color was carefully chosen to symbolize stability, security, and clarity to the soul.​

Education Services
Relief & Shelter Services
Healthcare Services
Livelihood Services
Sponsorship Services
Protection Services

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