Bring Their Smiles Back This Ramadan!

With your help, we will support poor families to survive with dignity this month

Each year in Ramadan, millions of people around the world fast from sunrise till sunset. However, for many, the fast may be never-ending.

Your generous donation, no matter how big or small it may seem to you, can feed a fasting family for a whole month.

URDA’s Ramadan activities aim at alleviating the economic burden that people are suffering from and bringing joy to the heart of poor families in Lebanon. 

Hot meals

$5 donation can provide one person with (main course, salad, fruits, and juice)

Food parcels*

$25 donation can provide families with several essential food items for a whole month

Eid clothing

$50 donation can give children the opportunity to celebrate Eid with brand new clothes.

Eid gifts

$10 donation can draw a smile on a child’s face and get him/her their favorite toy.

Make a difference this Ramadan, Feed the Fasting​

Place your donation today to ensure that some of Lebanon’s neediest families have sufficient Suhoor and Iftar meals each day.

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