The Sponsorship Sector: Distinctive Humanitarian Projects Paving the Way for Hope and Development in Lebanon

The sponsorship sector at URDA focuses on sponsoring orphans, the most vulnerable families, individuals with special needs, and patients across Lebanon, regardless of their nationality—be it Lebanese, Syrian, or Palestinian. This support extends to social, economic, and psychological dimensions, aiming to enhance their living conditions to the best of our ability. In the year 2023 alone, the sponsorship sector provided 4686 sponsorships.
The strategy of the sponsorship sector includes offering financial support to meet basic needs, such as assistance with essential living costs and healthcare. The projects target children lacking sufficient care, needy families, and orphans from low-income households, ensuring support reaches those facing the greatest challenges. To add a special touch to the lives of these children, the sector organizes events, activities, and festivals, especially during celebratory occasions. Gifts and sweets are presented to bring joy and happiness to their hearts.

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