Winter Campaign “Break the Ice” Addresses Needs for Thousands of Needy Families in the Bekaa and Arsal Regions

Continuing the humanitarian efforts to alleviate the impact of challenging economic conditions and increasing difficulties faced by Syrian refugee families, Orda remains committed to implementing winter projects as part of the “Break the Ice” campaign, particularly in remote border areas in the Arsal and Bekaa regions.
A total of 500 food parcels and 1000 hot meals were provided to families in dire need, along with the distribution of 4720 bread bundles for 2360 families. Additionally, 20 sheep were slaughtered, benefiting 160 families. In total, 2060 families received 200 blankets and 200 gallons of diesel, along with 300 jackets, shoes, and woolen items for children.
In the Arsal region, 500 food parcels and 2700 bread bundles were distributed to support 1150 families. Additionally, 150 families received 300 blankets and 300 gallons of diesel. Moreover, 200 jackets, shoes, and woolen items were provided to children, benefiting 200 youngsters. The overall number of beneficiaries in this region reached 5750 individuals.
These efforts are part of an ongoing initiative to provide aid and relief to the most vulnerable families, reflecting unity and solidarity in addressing humanitarian challenges.

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