سيرانتا مسلم و URDA في تعاون لدعم العائلات المحتاجة في رمضان

With a new collaboration between URDA’s relief teams and the Malaysian organization, Serantau Muslim during the holy month of Ramadan as part of this year’s Ramadan projects, the two organizations have distributed food parcels and hot meals over 10 consecutive days to support underserved families in various Lebanese regions.

Through this collaboration, 1,528 underserved families benefited from food parcels, while another 760 benefited from the hot meal distributions, bringing the total number of beneficiaries to this project to 11,440 in Aarsal, Middle Bekaa and West Bekaa.

As usual, Seranatau Musallam, in collaboration with our Relief teams, has been able to delight thousands of needy hearts that, in such difficult circumstances, have been able to feel the blessings of the holy month this year.

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