Our Vision

We aspire to become the safest refuge for all the disadvantaged individuals in Lebanon. Working to the highest of international professional standards, we thrive to serve as a role model in sustainable humanitarian actions, and more essentially, we reinforce a human development system that would lead to building a renewed civil society across Lebanon.

Our Mission

We commit to assisting and nurturing human beings regardless of age, race, gender, nationality, faith or political affiliation. Whether we intervene in disaster relief or sustainable development actions, we serve both underserved Lebanese citizens as well as Palestinian and Syrian refugee communities to the highest international, professional, and ethical standards.

Our Values

We hold our values deeply as a true reflection of who we are as a union. Such values inform our decision making and underpin all that we do.

We follow international practices to provide the best services to our community. We lead our activities with integrity, compassion, altruism, and an endless pursuit of improvement.

We implement clear and explicit procedures to ensure serious accountability in every aspect of our projects and activities. We emphasize morality principles as a balancing element in our humanitarian approach.

We refrain from taking sides during conflicts. We do not engage in conversations of political, racial, religious, and ideological nature.

Being in service to the Lebanese host communities and refugees is a moral obligation. We deliver donations and services evenly across our beneficiaries as best as we can.

Respect is how we create a safe space for everyone. We commit to dignity and humane interactions above everything, honor human rights and empathize with all human beings without discrimination.

Where We Work

URDA’s work has reached the many mountains and valleys of Lebanon. We make sure that vulnerable communities are empowered, psychosocially supported and educated, but most importantly, we never compromise the legal protection of women and children in any possible way. Our humanitarian work stretches across seven sectors: relief, shelter, healthcare, education, protection, development, and sponsorship.

Our Creed

Human Resources






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