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In 2021, humanity is witnessing the presence of more than 82.4 million refugees around the world, 40% of whom are children. This number is increasing daily due to disasters, wars, and conflicts. However, they are not just numbers to count as they represent 82.4 million human beings, stores, and hopes. Check our newsletter >>

The Union of Relief and Development Associations in Lebanon (URDA) concluded its “Giving Hope” campaign for 2021, which aimed to provide sacrificial meat portions to the most deprived Lebanese, Syrian and Palestinian families across Lebanon. Check our newsletter >>

Every year on August 19, the international community celebrates World Humanitarian Day in honor of humanitarian workers and in celebration of humanity and the spirit of giving that inspires and motivates people to help those who need assistance, even in difficult and dangerous circumstances, often risking their lives during the mission. Check our newsletter >>

September arrives in 2021 carrying along with ramifications and impacts that are ravaging the educational sector in Lebanon on all levels and across different educational institutions. As a result, the educational sector has become like other sectors, experiencing a slow death that is affecting teachers, students, and their parents alike. Check our newsletter >>

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