Relief Sector

We ensure decent living conditions by providing essential assistance with food and non-food items. We provide rapid response interventions in emergencies such as winter storms, natural disasters, wildfires, and conflicts to mitigate damages as much as possible.

Areas of Action:

  • Food aid
  • Non-food aid
  • Emergency relief

Shelter Sector

Our shelter program came as a priority right after the establishment of our union. Through this program, we ensure decent and safe housing conditions to all our beneficiaries. Our basic shelter infrastructures such as prefabricated caravans in camps and residential compounds aim at protecting our beneficiaries from harsh temperatures in snowy winters and during summer heats. All our compounds and housing units are managed and maintained with utmost care; be they in Arsal, Bekaa, Akkar, Sayda, Shebaa, Beirut or Mount Lebanon. 

Areas of Action:

  • Compound centers
  • Tents
  • Concrete rooms
  • Prefabricated caravans
  • Residential complexes
  • WASH
  • Model villages

Healthcare Sector

We ensure quality health services where basic and advanced health care are lacking and where the need surpasses availability.  This program is crucial as costs of medications and hospitalization are extremely expensive in Lebanon, costs that our beneficiaries in need can simply not afford. We serve and follow up on individual medical needs within our medical centers and program across the country. 

Areas of Actions:

  • Primary healthcare through the establishment and support of healthcare and clinics.
  • Secondary healthcare by covering the costs of hospitalization as well as supported hospitals caring for our beneficiaries.

Education Sector

We ensure no child or youth is left behind when it comes to learning and upskilling as we believe that they have the right to start or pursue their education. We establish schools, sponsor students and pupils through scholarships and provide material assistance to schools with textbooks, stationery items, and transportation among many other ongoing needs. 

Areas of Work:

  • Create, maintain, and operate education centers in Syrian refugee camps.
  • Support a network of private schools that provide education hours and venues in the evening.
  • Provide language learning services for refugee students in camps.
  • Sponsor university and private high school tuition for Lebanese, Syrians, and Palestinians.

Protection Sector

The overarching objective of the Protection sector at URDA is that vulnerable people in Lebanon have their rights respected and that they live in safety and dignity. This is being done through the provision of Child Protection, Women Empowerment, Gender Based Violence and Mental health services. Protection risks have been magnified by the multi-layer crisis and are grounded in the insufficient respect of the rule of law, discriminatory norms, lack of accountability, and inadequate access to protections services. The sector provides its services to the host community and refugee community of different distribution on the Lebanese territory. Working through a harmonized approach, the sector provides a coordinated protection response and prevention system of work to the participants.

Work Fields:

  • Child Protection (CP)
  • Women Empowerment (WE)
  • Sexual/Gender- Based Violence Program (SGBV)
  • Legal Protection program (LP)
  • Peaceful Coexistence (PCE)
  • Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS)

Livelihood Sector

We create self-sustainable and independent communities by building their human and economic capacities and resources. As a result, dependence on aid decreases and the quality of their life significantly improves. We integrate them within society by employing and upskilling local members in service of their immediate surroundings. Our beneficiaries become actors of the reconstruction of their country and have agency in transforming their lives. 

Areas of Work:

  1. Charitable Kitchen – Manara / Beqaa
  2. Bakery – Manara / Beqaa
  3. Saj  Bakery – Al Rafid / Rashaya
  4. Sewing Center – Aramoun/Mount Lebanon
  5. Beqaa’s Community Center – Sewing Trainings
  6. Women’s Economic Empowerment – North Lebanon
  7. Micro-Gardening Project – Arsal

Sponsorship Sector

Where and however possible, we safeguard orphans, families living in extreme poverty, and refugees in critical health conditions at social, economic, and psychological levels. 

Areas of work:

  • Orphan sponsorship
  • Family safeguarding
  • Urgent medical care
  • Safeguarding social workers

Volunteers Sector

Volunteer activities in this sector are diverse and encompass a wide range of fields such as social care, education, healthcare, environment, assisting the poor and needy, and many other activities aimed at improving people’s quality of life, creating a positive impact, and promoting social justice.

Ibdaa Center

Ibdaa Center is located in Beqaa, it supports over 60 talents annually. 

The Environment, Youth and Sports Sector

The Youth, Environment, and Sports Sector at URDA is an innovative sector aimed at serving youth by providing purposeful sports activities. In addition, it organizes diverse events for various segments of society in different regions of Lebanon, including youth from different nationalities. This sector focuses on offering developmental opportunities for youth, enhancing social cooperation values, and encouraging their active participation in sports activities.

The environmental sector is a vital part of URDA’s contribution to building a healthy and sustainable community. This sector works to raise awareness about environmental issues and motivate youth and community members to take positive steps towards climate conservation, environmental protection, and sustainability.

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