How Lebanon Got Affected

Schools in Lebanon were planning to reopen in the last week of September despite a rise in COVID-19 cases while adopting blended education. Distance learning were to be readopted if the crisis worsens.

The planned return comes as the country also tries to cope with the fallout of an economic crisis and the August 4 explosion in Beirut, which damaged or destroyed 92 public schools, 67 private schools, and 20 public vocational institutes. Many of those schools will not be ready to reopen for some time.

A Global Pandemic

In early 2020, schools around the globe closed to help contain the spread of COVID-19, and at their peak, these closures interrupted the learning of almost all the world’s 1.5 billion from pre-primary to upper secondary school students. 

Governments and education stakeholders responded swiftly with remote learning policies that directed educators to use delivery channels that included digital tools, TV/radio-based teaching, and take-home packages so students could continue to learn.

Such devastation threatens to disrupt the new academic year and deprive about 85,000 Lebanese and non-Lebanese students enrolled in these schools of their right to education.



This project looks to work within the difficult environment of the refugee camps and revive education for many Syrian refugee children.

Almost half of the Syrian refugee children aged 3-18 are out-of-school and denied a basic right because of the country’s upheaval. 

The project aims to give 80 Syrian children aged 6 – 14 basic literacy and numeracy skills in conjunction with Lebanese educational standards and curriculum. The aim is to enable children to continue into the Lebanese education system.


The unique benefits to the School in a Bus project as opposed to a conventional educational structure is:

  • Children in remote areas such as Aarsal, Beqaa will now have access to schooling
  • Teaching techniques that are child centric, making them diverse and engaging.
  • The quality of the project ensures that children are taught in a safe and effective environment. Parents and guardians are involved through proper communication and case workers.

So, What about Refugees?

Considering the exceptional circumstances resulting from the spread of the Coronavirus epidemic, the economic crisis, and the repercussions of the Beirut Port explosion, Lebanon education system is in urgent need of support at student, teacher, and institutional levels.

Aside of this, refugee children, out-of-school children in remote areas, and street children as well, are in the utmost need of schooling but through an innovative idea like School in a Bus project that reaches them wherever they are.

We Provide:

  • English Language BLN
  • Arabic Language BLN
  • Psychosocial Support


Our Success Stories

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Omar: The School Bus is my New Safe Haven

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Adnan: A Journey of Improvement

Share on whatsapp Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on email Adnan is one of the most remarkable students on the bus. He loves knitting and gathering wool and is always hungry for learning new things. Adnan lives with his parents and sister in a tent which lacks basic necessities of living. Despite their

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Hear from the Students

The bus allowed me to learn how to read and write and the teachers have been very helpful and friendly.


Every day I learn new things and encounter many fun adventures that I cannot wait to tell my parents after school.


I finally made some friends. I love the bus!


My favorite part of the day is waking up so early to catch up on the bus!


The teachers are very helpful. They teach us a lot of fun activities.


I really wish the bus never leaves.


The Bus made me meet new friends and learn many new things!


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