Adnan: A Journey of Improvement

Adnan is one of the most remarkable students on the bus. He loves knitting and gathering wool and is always hungry for learning new things. Adnan lives with his parents and sister in a tent which lacks basic necessities of living. Despite their extremely dire situation, Adnan’s family tries their best to provide him with love, attention, and whatever their humble efforts can provide. One of their top priorities for Adnan’s parents is to provide their children with an education that can ensure them a better life.

Adnan’s father is extremely sick and is currently unable to afford any treatment which is the reason why Adnan chose to work; all that he wants is to be able to help his father.

Adnan heard of the project from his friends and was eager to be one of the selected students to join this new opportunity for learning as he wanted to learn and improve himself.

The project came at a time where children were suffering the most as schools were closed and everyone had to undergo the same quarantine experience and was unable to communicate with friends or anyone outside.

Adnan’s father said: “My favorite part of the day is when Adnan comes back so excited after classes in the bus to inform me about his newest achievements and tell me stories that happened during that day.” 

“You make our children happy. We wait to see their smile when they come back every day to tell us how interesting their day has been in the bus.”

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