URDA launches the winter campaign 2022/2023 under the title “Warm To Be”

Under the slogan “Warm To Be” the Union of Relief and Development Associations in Lebanon launches the 2022/2023 winter campaign, with the aim of providing basic necessities to confront the winter cold and its dangers. Beneficiaries from the most vulnerable groups in Lebanon will benefit from necessities such as food, shelter, heating and other relief … Read more

Vital projects for the shelter sector in the Bekaa

The Shelter sector projects are among the vital and important projects in which URDA plays a prominent role, especially in the Bekaa and Arsal regions, where the shelter teams carried out a number of qualitative projects during August, the most important of which was the restoration of the gherkin chapel in the western Bekaa and … Read more

The Education Sector launches “Together we wont stop” campaign

he education sector of the Union of Relief and Development Associations in Lebanon “URDA” launched the urgent back-to-school campaign titled “Together we wont stop.” It includes three main projects, including a project to support the most needy students in Lebanon with school, university and vocational education fees, and a project to support students with stationery, … Read more

The Relief sector combats the bread crisis in Akkar

In light of the successive crises that Lebanon is experiencing on the financial, economic, social and even living levels, the flour and bakery crisis is back to the fore, but the rapid intervention of the relief sector in URDA is always on the lookout to confront such crises, as it supported the most vulnerable families … Read more

Conclusion of the activities of the campaign “Adha Together”

More than 22,000 families benefit from the Adha campaign for the year 2022 AD / 1443 AH .The Union of Relief and Development Associations in Lebanon (URDA) concluded the campaign “Adha Together” for the year 2022 AD / 1443 AH, which was aimed for the most vulnerable families of different Lebanese, Syrian and Palestinian nationalities … Read more

Urda provides sacrificial meat to more than 9000 families

URDA continues to provide sacrificial meat to the most vulnerable families of different nationalities, and during the third day of Eid, 123 calves were slaughtered in addition to 447 Lambs, whose meat was distributed to 9224 families. The distribution areas included Arsal, Bekaa, Sidon and the North.In order to ensure the safety of meat and … Read more

The Conclusion of the second day of the campaign “Adha Together” On the second day of Al-Adha: about 7000 Families benefit from meat rations

URDA continues the activities of the campaign “Adha together” for the second day in a row, by distributing meat rations to the most vulnerable families, as the number of beneficiaries reached 7630 families of Lebanese, Syrian and Palestinian nationalities, where 90 calves were slaughtered in addition to 336 sheep . The distribution areas included Arsal, … Read more

The conclusion of the first day of the campaign “Adha Together “. 5336 families benefit from sacrificial meat

Under the slogan “Adha Together”, URDA launched its Adha campaign for the year 1443 AH / 2022 AD for the most vulnerable families in various Lebanese regions, as relief teams supervised the slaughter of 69 calves and 187 sheep during the first day, to provide meat rations to about 5336 underprivileged families of different Lebanese, … Read more

Livelihoods sector supports hydroponics projects

The livelihoods sector seeks to develop economic resources, improve food security, and support and adopt new agricultural approaches in the community, through the implementation of several projects, including the hydroponics project in the Bekaa / Bar Elias.The idea of hydroponics is based on the exclusion of soil in agriculture, to be replaced with water rich … Read more

The livelihoods sector supports women to revive arts and crafts

Last April, URDA’s Livelihood Sector trained 30 women in the Akkar region in handicrafts specializations, including glass painting, clothing and cardboard recycling, in addition to embroidery and crochet of all kinds.These trainings aim to revive these vanished arts and crafts, and empower women in society by acquiring a craft that enables them to work, earn … Read more

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