More than 18,000 families benefit from the “Healing Hearts” campaign during the first ten days of Ramadan 2024 AD / 1445 AH

More than 18,000 families benefit from the “Healing Hearts” campaign during the first ten days of Ramadan 2024 AD / 1445 AH The “Healing Hearts” campaign, launched by the Union of Relief and Development Associations (URDA), started with firm steps during the early days of the blessed month of Ramadan in 2024. The campaign aims … Read more

Humanitarian Initiative Achieves Success in Bekaa: Empowering Women to Produce Local Products

As part of its ongoing efforts to improve living conditions in the Bekaa region, the Livelihoods sector has achieved exceptional results in the (Bar Elias) area. The project, aimed at enhancing nutrition and empowering women economically, concluded with the distribution of 1,652 diversified food packages, including jams, tomato sauce, pickles, and more.The surprise success of … Read more

The achievements of the Al-Noor School project in Arsal during the year 2023 recorded significant success in improving education and community participation.

During 2023, Al Noor School achieved tangible milestones that reflect its commitment to providing high-quality education and promoting diversity and community engagement. The project recorded several notable accomplishments, encompassing a wide range of initiatives and improvements in various aspects of education and administration.The project provided education for 235 Syrian students and 120 Lebanese students, covering … Read more

Launch of the “Reading Corner” at the Ibdaa Center in Celebration of the International Day of the Arabic Language

As part of its commitment to fostering a love for reading and promoting the Arabic language, the Ibdaa Center in Beka’a is delighted to announce the commencement of the “Reading Corner,” a new cultural club that brings together enthusiastic young readers, in celebration of the International Day of the Arabic Language. This significant step reflects … Read more

Arabic Language day at SNEH ❤️

The Education Sector, as part of the project supporting students with special needs, organized a unique and entertaining activity to celebrate Arabic Language Day Let’s Get Social Facebook-f Twitter Instagram Youtube

Activities of the Education Sector on Arabic Language Day

On the occasion of Arab Language Day, the education sector organized numerous activities in the Bekaa, Arsal, and the North regions. Hundreds of students actively participated, presenting poetic verses and prose stories as an expression of their commitment to the Arabic language. Let’s Get Social Facebook-f Twitter Instagram Youtube

Urda Celebrates Arabic Language Day with Educational and Recreational Activities for Its Employees

In celebration of Arabic Language Day, the Human Resources Management at URDA organized a distinctive educational and recreational activity for its employees at its main office. The activity included a variety of activities aimed at enhancing communication and introducing participants to the importance of the Arabic language as a cultural and civilizational identity. The event … Read more

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