An exceptional awareness event highlighting men’s health was organized by URDA as part of the celebration of “Movember”

A significant number of colleagues attended the event, where Nurse Khaled Saqr shed light on the physical and mental health of men, emphasizing the importance of healthcare and adopting a healthy lifestyle. The meeting included various recreational activities that added a fun and interactive atmosphere. Participation was not limited to awareness benefits alone; the event … Read more

Under the Title “Break the Ice” – URDA Launches the Winter Campaign 2023/2024

Under the title “Break the Ice,” the Union of Relief and Development Associations (URDA) in Lebanon is launching the Winter Campaign 2023/2024. The campaign aims to provide essential necessities to confront the winter cold and its risks for the most vulnerable beneficiaries in Lebanon, including food, shelter, heating, and other relief projects.This campaign comes at … Read more

16 days of Activism

Many women worldwide face violence, with the most vulnerable groups such as women with disabilities, teenage girls, and elderly women being particularly susceptible. Especially during crises, they are at increased risk, often struggling to make their voices heard.On the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, we stand in solidarity with women and … Read more

URDA strengthens its team’s skills through a training course titled “Disaster Management: Preparedness and Readiness Phase

As part of its ongoing efforts to enhance the skills and capabilities of its team, URDA conducted a training course on Disaster Management on Thursday, November 9th. The course was delivered by Mr. Mustafa Othman and aimed to equip staff with the principles and essential skills in disaster situations, focusing on the phases of preparedness … Read more

The number of displaced Lebanese from the southern regions has exceeded 40,000 displaced individuals

The World Health Organization issued a report indicating that the number of displaced individuals from the southern regions has reached 40,325, including those who sought refuge in the schools complex managed by the Disaster Management Unit in Tyre. Some have also relocated to other shelter centers in safer areas. The report revealed 77 casualties and … Read more

The Relief Sector Distributes 1,265 Kilograms of Clothing to Over 200 Families in Al Inmaa Camp in Akkar

In a humanitarian gesture that reflects the value of solidarity, the Relief Sector distributed 1,265 kilograms of clothing yesterday, Tuesday, to over 200 families in Al Inmaa Camp in the Akkar region.The Relief Sector was able to implement this project thanks to the support of a generous donor who recognized the importance of contributing to … Read more

Do you want to volunteer with URDA?

‎Do you want to volunteer with URDA? You can apply to our volunteering program today through the link below: https://bit.ly/3u6xUuQ Let’s Get Social Facebook-f Twitter Instagram Youtube

URDA provides emergency support to Lebanese displaced from the South to Western Bekaa

As part of its emergency plan to support Lebanese displaced from southern villages, URDA teams provided mattresses and blankets to more than 70 Lebanese families who had been displaced from the South to Western Bekaa, specifically in the towns of Al-Rafid, Kafrdanis, and Dahr Al-Ahmar on Sunday, November 5th.URDA’s plan aims to provide assistance to … Read more

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