Under the Title “Break the Ice” – URDA Launches the Winter Campaign 2023/2024

Under the title “Break the Ice,” the Union of Relief and Development Associations (URDA) in Lebanon is launching the Winter Campaign 2023/2024. The campaign aims to provide essential necessities to confront the winter cold and its risks for the most vulnerable beneficiaries in Lebanon, including food, shelter, heating, and other relief projects.
This campaign comes at a time when Lebanon is experiencing security and political tensions, leading to the displacement of tens of thousands of families from border areas in the south due to concerns for their safety. Additionally, the ongoing and significant increase in the cost of living in Lebanon, coupled with entering the winter season, adds extra burdens in securing necessities related to heating in shelters and the areas most in need.
The name of our campaign symbolizes overcoming the challenges and obstacles faced by the most vulnerable groups during the winter season. It emphasizes URDA’s commitment to overcoming the difficulties and challenges often associated with winter, such as cold, hunger, diseases, and more.
In this context, URDA appeals to people of goodwill to support its campaign for this season, enabling it to reach the targeted individuals and provide them with warmth and security.

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