The number of displaced Lebanese from the southern regions has exceeded 40,000 displaced individuals

The World Health Organization issued a report indicating that the number of displaced individuals from the southern regions has reached 40,325, including those who sought refuge in the schools complex managed by the Disaster Management Unit in Tyre. Some have also relocated to other shelter centers in safer areas. The report revealed 77 casualties and approximately 331 injured individuals.

Municipalities in the Tyre district released a statement highlighting the impact of shortages in aid for displaced individuals from border villages on the response efforts to meet the needs of over 16,000 displaced people in the Tyre district. These individuals are registered on official lists with the unit, associations, and organizations providing in-kind assistance to the displaced. The statement added that the actual number as of yesterday reached 16,276 displaced individuals distributed across the villages of the district and four shelter centers. The unit, in collaboration with associations and international organizations, is working to secure their needs within the available resources. The increasing daily numbers of displaced individuals, especially with the approaching winter season, may worsen the situation, adding additional burdens, particularly in providing essential life necessities such as heating in the shelter centers.

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