Create Your Solidarity Campaign

Who said making an impact will cost you a fortune?

With our #Solidarity Campaign Option, you can help the underprivileged population in whatever way you want! What to do next? Just provide us with an idea of a project you wish to implement and we’ll take it from there and support you all the way. Visit us: http://bit.ly/solidarity-campaign

مين قال إنو تكلفة المساعدة دايماً عالية؟
مع خيار “حملة المناصرة” المتاح على موقعنا، صار فيك تساعد المحتاجين في لبنان بطريقتك الخاصة! كيف؟ زور موقعنا واعطينا فكرة المشروع اللي حابب تعمله ونحنا منساعدك بتنفيذه ومندعمه على موقعنا الالكتروني. لتقديم الطلب زور الموقع التالي: http://bit.ly/solidarity-campaign

Create Your Solidarity Campaign

There is a better way you can help our beneficiaries. 

Our procedure is very simple. Choose one specific field of intervention, propose a solidarity action and share it within your network. Trips, car races, birthday celebrations, football games, concerts are great ideas to change the lives of the most vulnerable.

Think about it and let us know. We will support you by creating a space for your campaign on our website and make sure the online world knows about it.

Where would you like to focus your efforts?
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