Enhancing Team Skills Through a First Aid Training Course

As part of its ongoing efforts to bolster the skills and capabilities of its team, URDA conducted a training course on first aid this Thursday, November 2nd. The aim of this course was to equip employees with the fundamental principles and skills in the field of first aid and firefighting, providing them with the necessary knowledge to assist victims and handle accident situations, fires, and emergencies that require a swift response.

The course was presented by trainer Ahmed Al-Labdi, who shared his expertise and knowledge with over 40 URDA employees. Al-Labdi guided the participants on necessary safety measures to ensure personal safety in accident and fire situations. He also provided intensive training on basic first aid skills, such as dealing with bleeding, wounds, burns, fractures, as well as how to handle cases of unconsciousness, choking, and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) procedures.

The training course concluded with the trainer being honored for his significant efforts in knowledge transfer and team skill development. This course reflects URDA’s commitment to enhancing safety and emergency preparedness among its employees, thereby improving its ability to provide assistance in critical times and contribute to raising community awareness.

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