AMA and URDA Join Forces to Distribute 2000 Bread Bundles Everyday

Due to the growing difficulties facing refugees to secure their family’s daily subsistence, the Africa Muslims Agency SA, collaborated with URDA to distribute around 2,000 bread bundles to the needy including refugees in the Bekaa area on a daily basis through a fully-equipped bakery.
The happy faces of people burdened with years of heartbreak and worry showed the gravity of their situation where one bundle of bread can cause such immense happiness in their lives.
Umm Karim, a mother of three children, says: ” My husband died two years ago, and ever since I’ve been working day and night to secure their daily subsistence, but the situation is getting worse and I can no longer provide them with food on a daily basis. There were nights when they slept on empty stomachs and I couldn’t do anything.”
As for Samir, one of this project’s beneficiaries, he added: “How heartbreaking and sad it is to find yourself unable to provide bread for your family! I never thought such day would ever come, but despite the many difficulties that we’ve been through, our God blessed us with such initiative through AMA.”
One of URDA’s relief volunteers confirmed the urgency of this project and its importance in achieving food security, especially that bread is the most important food item as it provides the individual with their daily requirement for carbohydrates and enough energy to work, in addition to containing many elements and minerals. He, then, added that charitable bakeries deserve attention and support for their effective role in reducing hunger and limiting poverty.

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