AMA Continues Supporting the Charitable Bakery in Bekaa

More than 3,000 Bread Bundles Distributed to 15,000 Beneficiaries a Day

Bread is an essential food item on the table of the poor and the rich alike, as it is the elixir of life where any shortage in this item may lead the poor to starvation.

In this context, in the midst of such stifling crisis in Lebanon, Africa Muslims Agency is continuing the charitable bakery project in Bekaa in cooperation with URDA, which includes the daily distribution of 3,000 bread bundles to the most disadvantaged families in the Bekaa region. This project is handled through a well-equipped automated bakery, which will benefit poor families of all nationalities and in addition to patients, jobless breadwinners, orphans, and the elderly in marginalized areas that do not receive assistance.

AMA projects are ongoing throughout the year across all URDA sectors, including the healthcare, sponsorships, protection, relief, and shelter. All thanks and appreciation to all workers for supporting and implementing these charitable projects that give hope to the heart of all those in need.   

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