AMA to Treat 65 patients in Cooperation with URDA

In a worthy humanitarian gesture in cooperation with URDA, Africa Muslims Agency SA is providing medical assistance to 65 patients of various ages and nationalities who need to undergo surgery in Saida, Mount Lebanon, Beqaa and Beirut.
URDA’s health care sector has initiated the first phase of the project and has started pre-op medical consultations and examinations for patients at Dar Al-Wafaa medical center in Mount Lebanon and Chtaura hospital in Bekaa.
Dr. Nabil Daoud praised this human project which serves underprivileged patients, especially children who need to undergo hernia surgery and other sensitive operations. He then thanked AMA for its efforts in funding this kind of medical projects.
During her son’s medical check-up, Um Mohammad said: “I wait with patience for my son’s surgery so his pain can go away and he can go to school like other children”. She then expressed her gratitude to AMA and all those involved in the implementation of this project.

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