Catastrophic Figures Released by a Field Survey from the Education Sector in URDA

Needs of Syrian Refugees in Arsal Require Immediate Action

A recent report by a team of volunteers from URDA’s education sector in the Arsal area revealed the tragic reality faced by Syrian refugees in the region. Comprehensive analysis by the team showed that 46% of Syrian children aged 5 to 15 do not receive formal education.

Regarding orphans, about 293 children under the age of 12 lack financial sponsorship, leaving them in an unstable socio-economic situation and forcing them to work in unsafe conditions.

The figures indicate that 93% of Syrian families in the area pay rental fees for housing, exposing them to constant instability and leading to unsafe health conditions.

In the field of healthcare, it was found that there are 815 chronic illness cases urgently needing treatment, of which 531 cases receive no adequate health or financial support.

Given these difficult circumstances, the report provided recommendations including enhancing education, social and economic support, improving housing, infrastructure, and health services. In addition to providing humanitarian, psychological, and social support.

Consequently, the education sector in URDA calls for intensified efforts and enhanced cooperation between local governments and humanitarian organizations to meet the needs of the displaced and improve their living, health, and social conditions.

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