Launch of the “Reading Corner” at the Ibdaa Center in Celebration of the International Day of the Arabic Language

As part of its commitment to fostering a love for reading and promoting the Arabic language, the Ibdaa Center in Beka’a is delighted to announce the commencement of the “Reading Corner,” a new cultural club that brings together enthusiastic young readers, in celebration of the International Day of the Arabic Language.

This significant step reflects the center’s dedication to fulfilling its cultural role. The journey began with a survey gauging students’ opinions on their passion for reading, followed by the establishment of a distinctive library to provide essential cultural resources. Now, the launch of the “Reading Corner” club serves as a platform to unite these young readers, contributing to the enhancement of their cultural capabilities.

The center’s president, Mr. Mohammed Hazaa, expressed his joy at this development, stating, “We firmly believe in the importance of nurturing a reading culture among the youth. We aim to create a conducive environment for developing their talents and uncovering their potential in the realms of culture and knowledge.”

The club is open to all students interested in broadening their cultural horizons and improving their language skills. This announcement aligns with the center’s ongoing efforts to inspire young individuals to acquire knowledge and cultivate an appreciation for reading as a pathway to personal development.

We extend our best wishes for the success and prosperity of the “Reading Corner” club. We invite all interested students to actively participate and take advantage of the opportunities it provides.

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