Micro-Gardening Helps More Than 70 Families Achieve Food Security in Bekaa

Small area gardening is one of the projects implemented by URDA’s livelihood sector to benefit Syrian refugee women in Bekaa’s refugee camps, and aiming to build capacities for women beneficiaries to learn how to grow plants in small spaces, as well as seasonal farming and seed recycling.

Hanaa, one of the beneficiaries of the micro-gardening project says: “This project is an essential source for our daily food needs, and I can now cook for my children natural food that I’m 100% sure it doesn’t contain any harmful substances.”

Through this agricultural project, women beneficiaries also received several training sessions with specialists in this field, such as agricultural engineers and nutritionists, to gain greater knowledge and experience.

In addition, the “Organic Fertilizers Unit” has been established at the camp, where beneficiaries collect and recycle organic waste from all tents to reduce pollution, collect it for use in their agriculture and offer it to many greenhouses.

Through this project, URDA was able to reach over 70 families and help them achieve food security, and decorate the areas around their tents with plants and seedlings.

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