Samar Makes Chocolate with the Support of the WEE.CAN Project

“Chocolate has always been and still is what makes me happy, so eating it increases my heart rate!” That’s how the 55-year-old Samar describes her love of chocolate.

She adds, “I never had a chance to learn how to make chocolate at home until I took part in a training session on homemade chocolate here in Tripoli, Abu Samra area. I loved the idea and I started working on making delicious and very nutritious chocolate for my family, using basic kitchen tools.

After that, I applied for the WEE.CAN grant through URDA to develop my own small business and manage to purchase all the materials and equipment necessary to develop my work.

I thank AICS, COSPE OXFAM and URDA from the bottom of my heart because without their support, the idea of developing this “Happiness Chocolate” project would have been impossible!


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