Situation Analysis Report: The Dangers of the Snow Storm “Norma” of Refugees in Lebanon

 The situation analysis report was based on the expertise, data and available reports among the Union of Relief and Development Associations (URDA) team members in emergency response. Reports are mainly obtained from cases of disasters and crisis management at the refugee shelter sites across Lebanon for the seventh consecutive year since the beginning of the Syrian crisis.

URDA has been providing emergency response services in several cases, mainly those that are results of the consequences of Winter season. Such consequences burden refugees heavily since most of them struggle to secure the basic needs when it comes to proper shelter and the extreme poverty rate they suffer from, not to mention the lack of food security. 

According to UNHCR reports, 69% of Syrian refugee families live under the poverty line in Lebanon while more than 51% live under the minimum expenditure rate which is 2.90 US Dollars per day which is considered to be progress compared to last year. This report digs deeper into several cases of disability among children; 80% of those children are members of families living under the poverty line.



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