Tahani: An Example of Endurance and Determination

Tahani a single mom in her thirties who got divorced 8 years ago. She escaped the conflict in Syria to seek refuge in one of URDA’s managed refugee camps in Aarsal. Tahani lives now with her parents and three other families in one tent. She managed to raise 2 sons on her own, one is 13 while the other is 9 years old. Tahani has never lost hope and believed in her ability to make a difference in her sons’ lives on her own.

She benefited from the micro gardening projects offered by URDA and started to plant herbs in front of her tent. If she did not manage to plant and eat from what she grows, her family would have starved or received minimal nutritious food. One year ago, Tahani decided to start her own food processing where she started brining olives and preparing dairy products to sell them upon orders from customers.

“My one and only goal is to provide a dignified and proper life for my sons through my own hard work without depending on anybody else for aid.” That’s what Tahani told us when we asked her about her dream. Tahini is a great example of strength, endurance, dedication, and determination where she managed to rely on herself despite her everyday struggles to achieve her sons’ dreams and wishes and be the difference they need in their lives.

On International Women’s Day, we salute every woman who has made her way and made a difference in the lives of those around her. Salutes to every woman who has never hesitated to be a role model for her children and for others in her society.

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