The Education Sector in URDA Joins the Lebanese Educational Plan in Collaboration with the Ministry of Education and International Partners

In a move that enhances the value of cooperation in the field of education in Lebanon, URDA has joined the Lebanese Educational Plan initiated by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education. This was determined through intensive meetings of the Core Working Group in the education sector, which regularly convenes at the UNICEF office in Beirut.

These meetings involve representatives from several international and local organizations and associations, including UNICEF, MEHE, UNHCR, NRC, IRC, Plan, and Save the Children, in addition to five other local associations including “Amel Association,” “Ana Aqra Association,” “Al Fayhaa Association,” “Fista,” and “Teach for Lebanon.”

Based on the agreement reached during the meetings, URDA will have a unique opportunity to present its education sector and introduce its services and projects during upcoming meetings at the Ministry of Education and Higher Education to invest in them by enhancing international relations and cooperation.

This step reflects URDA’s commitment, along with its partners, to improving the quality of education in Lebanon and providing educational opportunities for children and youth in various Lebanese regions.

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