The education sector launches the “Shining Stars” Back-to-School Campaign to achieve quality education and combat the repercussions of the educational crisis in Lebanon.


In pursuit of Sustainable Development Goals and ensuring the right to quality education for students, the education sector at URDA is pleased to announce the launch of the “Shining Stars” Back-to-School Campaign for the academic year 2023/2024. This campaign responds to the needs of the most vulnerable students in Lebanon, including Lebanese students, Syrian refugees, and Palestinian students alike.


This campaign focuses on achieving key outcomes, including improving access to education and enhancing the quality of educational services through the following projects:

 Bag To School / Stationery Project, which provides school supplies and books to approximately 24,000 students aged 6-15 in private and government schools, thereby alleviating the financial burden on their families.

 Ride To Success, which assists 500 university students and 1000 school students by covering transportation fees. The primary goal of the project is to ensure that students have reliable and affordable transportation options, enabling them to attend their schools and universities regularly.


 The ’’ Grow’’ Project, aimed at improving the lives of the most needy students in Lebanon by providing comprehensive educational support to 1500 beneficiaries. The sponsorship project targets around 1000 high school students and 500 university students, aiming to remove financial barriers that hinder quality education.


 Additionally, this year’s campaign includes a special project that ensures student success and academic development by overcoming educational challenges and daily difficulties. The project plan includes academic support such as tutoring, assistance with homework, and preparation for semester exams. It also provides students with psychological counseling services to cope with negative emotions and stress, make informed decisions, and raise awareness about the importance of education and the risks of dropping out.


This campaign comes amidst the socio-economic crisis affecting Lebanon, which has led to an educational catastrophe. Children are at a real risk of not returning to their classrooms. According to a UNICEF report “A Future on Hold” in June 2023, more than 15% of Lebanese families have discontinued their children’s education, and 52% have reduced their education-related expenses. Furthermore, three out of every ten Syrian families reported that one of their children is not attending school due to a significant increase in transportation costs (23%) and the rise in educational material expenses(13%).

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