The Shelter, Sanitation, Water, and Environment sector at URDA

The Shelter, Sanitation, Water, and Environment sector at URDA (Union of Relief and Development Associations) is dedicated to providing decent housing, healthcare, water, sanitation, and environmental conservation for vulnerable and marginalized groups in society. These groups include the poor, displaced individuals, refugees, patients, children, the elderly, people with disabilities, and others in need.

This sector encompasses several services, including:

Providing safe and healthy shelter for people living in inadequate conditions.
Supplying clean water, sanitation facilities, and general cleanliness to improve public health.
Offering assistance during natural or humanitarian disasters and supporting displaced individuals and refugees in meeting their basic needs.
Working to preserve the environment, reduce pollution, address climate change, and other environmental issues.
Through this sector, URDA aims to enhance the quality of life for those benefiting from these services and create a healthy, safe, and sustainable environment for the broader community.

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