The Sponsorship Sector’s Projects Provide a Great Support to the Most Vulnerable Groups

The Sponsorship Sector has been regularly conducting various activities to offer joy to orphans, widows, and the most vulnerable families. These types of activities help to foster a sense of community among society’s members. Furthermore, financial sponsorships were granted to 810 orphans, 390 families, and 410 widows throughout February 2022.

Since donations are not limited to cash support, the Sponsorship Sector’s teams in several Lebanese regions have been providing the families with basic requirements. Meat portions, 100 bread bundles, 100 hygiene kits, 150 toys, and 100 sweets portions were distributed to 135 families.

The Sponsorship Sector works on identifying lists of orphans, filling out forms, and conducting social research to prioritize donations. In addition, the Sector regularly prepares reports on the orphans and recipient families.

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