The Story Continues: Mays is Almost Cancer-Free

On February 18, 2020, Mays’ mother called URDA’s sponsorship hotline to inform us about her condition and how she’s finding difficulty securing a decent life for her orphan children.

Like the rest of the callers, her address was taken, and then our team verified the presence of official documentation related to the registration process. Within a month, she was visited in Akkar area where she resides with her children but during the visit, it was revealed that the mother is on the verge of a nervous breakdown is currently dealing with the fact that her 15-year-old daughter Mays is suffering from lymphoma and that she needed urgent treatment since her mother’s financial situation prevented her from receiving earlier treatment.

The sponsorship team assessed the family’s situation and their most important needs, especially medical ones. The team then learned from Mays’ mother that there is a hospital located in Beirut that is treating such medical conditions, but she couldn’t afford transportation fees to go there, not to mention that she had to bear the expenses of the initial examinations before treatment which prompted the mother to delay her daughter’s treatment.

URDA’s sponsorship team submitted an urgent request to the management after filling the necessary form to provide urgent assistance to the child. Within a few days, Mays’ treatment was successfully sponsored after coordinating with her mother, where she received the first payment in the hospital to begin treatment.

On Monday, an X-ray was performed to show that Mays’ condition has improved and is almost cancer-free after completing 39 chemotherapy sessions.

Mays’ mother wanted to thank us at URDA and sent this sweet message in the photo.

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