Urda Celebrates Arabic Language Day with Educational and Recreational Activities for Its Employees

In celebration of Arabic Language Day, the Human Resources Management at URDA organized a distinctive educational and recreational activity for its employees at its main office. The activity included a variety of activities aimed at enhancing communication and introducing participants to the importance of the Arabic language as a cultural and civilizational identity.

The event featured a competitive quiz with general cultural questions about the Arabic language, adding a motivational and educational atmosphere to the activity. In addition to other purposeful activities, including oral and written communication in Arabic.

These activities had a positive impact on the employees’ communication and understanding of the significance of the Arabic language as a vital element of cultural identity. Such meaningful initiatives are suitable for fostering a deep understanding of the language and enhancing it as a key cultural component.

The activity concluded with crowning the winning team and honoring them with special prizes, leaving a positive and exceptional atmosphere of joy.

These events reflect URDA commitment to promoting and supporting the Arabic language, highlighting its vital role as an integral part of identity and cultural heritage.

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