URDA Collaborates with the Lebanese Army Under the CIMIC Program

URDA continues its cooperation with the Lebanese Army within the civil-military cooperation program (CIMIC) which aims at serving the Lebanese community through the establishment of relief and development projects and through creating a stable living environment for the needy. In June, the two parties collaborated on the distribution of food parcels to about 50 elderly men and women in Ozanam’s Care Home in Batroun, Lebanon.

The Lebanese Army also managed to distribute food parcels on 200 underserved families in the Maronite Nursing Home in collaboration with URDA.

In this context, URDA thanks and appreciates the Lebanese Army for its distinguished efforts during the distribution of these food parcels to the beneficiaries, calling on the Lebanese people to always stand by and support the army, the protector of Lebanon, and the guardian of our country and our people.

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