Humanitarian Initiative Achieves Success in Bekaa: Empowering Women to Produce Local Products

As part of its ongoing efforts to improve living conditions in the Bekaa region, the Livelihoods sector has achieved exceptional results in the (Bar Elias) area. The project, aimed at enhancing nutrition and empowering women economically, concluded with the distribution of 1,652 diversified food packages, including jams, tomato sauce, pickles, and more.
The surprise success of this accomplishment lies in the utilization of the skills of 20 women in the region. They worked to prepare these local food products with their own hands. This positive interaction comes within the framework of encouraging community involvement and enhancing the economic role of women.
This project is part of continuous efforts to improve the standard of living in rural areas and support needy families. It highlights the role of generosity and solidarity in building a sustainable and healthy community.

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