URDA Continues to Implement the Agricultural Development Project

URDA Continues to Implement the Agricultural Development Project

Supporting agricultural projects is one of the most important ways of helping refugees and the host community and is one of the pillars of community growth, mainly because a large number of refugees can invest in agriculture to support their families without breaking the Lebanese laws.

In this spirit, with the support of a benefactor, the development sector at URDA was able to invest in an agricultural project in Mount Lebanon area, where it managed to train some farmers in modern protected farming techniques which have succeeded in increasing production and reducing the quantity of chemical fertilizers and pesticides used.

This project benefits four Syrian and Lebanese families equally. Part of the production is exported abroad by buying exporting companies.

URDA aims to collaborate with organizations interested in agricultural development, in particular, providing an agricultural development project based on the establishment of a project specialized in aquaculture (Aquaponics) and a special project for chemical-free agriculture (Organic). URDA has dedicated a proper place to create such projects.

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