URDA Launches Eid Al-Adha Campaign for 2023/1444H under the slogan “Eid for all”

Under the slogan “Eid for all” URDA has launched its Eid Al-Adha campaign for the year 2023/1444H. The campaign aims to provide sacrificial meat and Eid clothing to deserving Lebanese families living in extreme poverty, as well as Syrian and Palestinian refugees. This initiative allows families to receive their share of meat at a time when Lebanon is facing a severe economic crisis, which has deprived many families of including meat in their meals.

In this context, relief teams are intensifying their preparations in various regions of Lebanon to welcome Eid Al-Adha, following pre-prepared lists of beneficiaries. Inspections are also conducted on cattle and sheep to ensure their health according to medical and religious standards.

It is worth mentioning that the Eid Al-Adha projects are seasonal initiatives through which URDA strives to implement them professionally in coordination with the Lebanese authorities and municipalities in the respective regions. These projects receive generous support from proactive partners who contribute to this and other humanitarian projects throughout the year.

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