URDA Launches its Coronavirus Prevention Project

URDA launched its newest project “Humanity in the Time of Corona” to combat the new Coronavirus outbreak in Lebanon, where the Emergency Response unit announced its full readiness to visit various Lebanese areas and Syrian refugee camps to assess the situation and study the people’s needs.

The response unit plan includes urgent intervention activities, including the distribution of hygiene kits, which include sanitizers, soap and other personal items that prevent the spread of this virus, as well as food parcels sufficient for one month, and sterilization services to 150 camps in Aarsal, Bekaa, Akkar and several Lebanese areas.

The campaign will not only consist of the distribution of in-kind assistance but will also include awareness campaigns on personal and community preventive measures to reduce the spread of the virus.

The responsibility of URDA’s staff requires support at several levels, in this context, URDA calls on all citizens and refugees to abide by these preventive measures and appeals to donors to support their campaign and share their humanitarian mission on a larger scale.

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