URDA Launches the Restoration Of Ibn Al-Walid Camp in Aarsal After the Floods

On Sunday, january 17th 2021, URDA’s relief teams were on alert to restore “Ibn Al-Walid” refugee camp in Aarsal after the displacement of 19 refugee families whose tents were damaged by high winds and floods. The initial intervention included securing the basic needs of those affected including the provision of hot meals, food parcels, and heating fuel, as well as winter clothes, mattresses, drinking water and other necessities.

“Heavy rains have pierced through the tents which were made of cardboard, some plastic, and stones, making it impossible for them to withstand these difficult weather conditions,” said one of URDA’s relief volunteers describing the situation in the camp. “We have made every effort to restore the tents and provide shelter to protect refugees and their children from the harshness of this weather.”

Syrian refugees in Aarsal are still struggling to survive under the mercy of the freezing weather, with temperatures dropping below zero and floods sweeping their camps, in light of the health crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic and the economic collapse in Lebanon.

It is worth mentioning that URDA’s Winter Wish campaign 2020/2021 is continuing to implement relief projects in various Lebanese regions to help those affected of all nationalities.

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