URDA Offers Cash Assistance Through GlobalGiving to Cover School-related Fees for Underserved Students

Amid the economic crisis in Lebanon, students are denied access to schools, vocational schools and universities due to the high cost of transportation and many other school-related challenges. In a World Bank report, it is noted that low quality of learning and the mismatch between skills and labor market needs jeopardize the future of the rising generations in Lebanon.

In this context, and believing in the sacred message of education, the education sector in URDA, with the support of GlobalGiving, is completing the “Back to School” project, which helps low-income families to send their children to school and plays a more active role in their education.

This project consists of cash assistance for school tuition and transportation fees, with 200 families each benefiting from cash assistance in Beirut, Tripoli and Mount Lebanon.

In 2021, the education sector provided more than 1,000 educational services to 1,500 students in various Lebanese regions.

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