URDA Participates in the World’s Largest Humanitarian and Emergency Relief Event, AIDEX

URDA’s Executive Director, Ms Jihan Kaisi, took part in the AIDEX conference held in Geneva, Switzerland on October 25-26. AIDEX is considered the largest global humanitarian and relief conference, bringing together key figures and stakeholders in the field of humanitarian aid, disaster response, and crisis management, as well as humanitarian organizations and institutions from over 65 countries worldwide, including United Nations agencies, the European Union, Red Cross associations, and others.
The conference program included meetings, roundtable discussions, and exhibitions that focused on various aspects of humanitarian work, in addition to workshops and training programs aimed at addressing challenges in the field of relief and development.
Ms. Jihan Al-Qaisi emphasized that this conference is an exceptional humanitarian event, providing participants with the opportunity to exchange information and experiences, and discuss contemporary humanitarian issues and upcoming challenges. She also spoke during the conference about humanitarian and developmental work in Lebanon in general, and specifically about URDA’s humanitarian sectors and interventions in crises and disasters inside and outside Lebanon.

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