URDA’s Child Protection Program Concludes its First Training Course in Psychosocial Support and Positive Parenting in Saida

In a day full of fun, laughter and entertainment, URDA’s Child Protection Program completed its first cycle of activities on psychosocial support for children and positive parenting for women. A special celebration was held for the beneficiaries at the Protection Center in Saida on 26/8/2021.

The program included awareness-raising activities for Lebanese, Syrian and Palestinian children and women, including the involvement of children in various physical activities and games, the development and investment of their talents, the enhancement of drawing skills for their importance in eliminating suppressed negative feelings and the provision of space to alleviate stress and psychological tension.

To foster a sense of confidence among the participating women, courses have been offered on the foundations and skills of healthy positive parenting to raise healthy grown children, who can face the future positively and vigorously, whatever the circumstances are, through practical ways and ideas for developing the child’s personality.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, the beneficiaries expressed their thanks and gratitude to the team overseeing the implementation of these projects, which will be established periodically in all URDA protection centers in various Lebanese regions.

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