URDA’s Relief Sector Continues Supporting Refugees

In the face of the successive crises that hit Lebanon, Syrian refugees living in squalid camps are experiencing some really difficult conditions. In the most recent report published by World Food Programme (WFP) on Vulnerability Analysis and Mapping (VAM), there was a dramatic rise in the prices of the Survival Minimum Expenditure Basket (SMEB) which was 38,0000 LBP in 2019 and reached 220,000 LBP by 2019.

Last month, URDA’s relief sector implemented several projects aimed at bridging part of the food security gap for the poorest Syrian refugees, who would face the risk of starvation in the event of a worse situation. Several outstanding projects funded by foreign funding organizations have benefited 1,397 families to date. The project included the distribution of food parcels with abundant quantities of basic food items, in addition to potato bags, bread bundles, and dates.

We would like to thank the humanitarian organizations for support URDA’s projects through its various sectors and contributing to ensuring decent life for all those in need of all nationalities in Lebanon.

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