750+ Families Benefited from AMA’s Corona Prevention Project in Lebanon

As part of its relief mission to curb the spread of the Coronavirus in Lebanon, Africa Muslims Agency, in collaboration with URDA, distributed hygiene kits to 220 Syrian refugee families at the Yassamine refugee camp in the Bekaa on Sunday 30th.
“The hygiene kits provided to us by AMA contain essential items such as soap, sanitizers, and others,” said one of the widows, who supports a family of five. “These items are expensive and we cannot buy them on a regular basis, especially in light of the current situation and our fear of spreading the virus in Lebanon,” she added.
Also, members of URDA’s Emergency Response Team stressed the need to adhere to public safety standards and preventive guidance in the field during the distribution process to ensure the safety of both beneficiaries and the staff.
It is noteworthy that the distribution of hygiene kits will be completed successively in the Bekaa, Arsal, and Tripoli, bringing the number of beneficiary families to 750 including Syrian and Palestinian refugee families, as well as underserved Lebanese families.

Coronavirus Hygiene Kits

Help refugees receive coronavirus hygiene kits including sanitizers, N95 masks, antiseptics, etc.

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