More than 50,000 Beneficiaries from URDA’s Coronavirus Prevention Projects in March

URDA continues its humanitarian projects despite the spread of the Coronavirus to provide relief assistance to vulnerable beneficiaries of various nationalities across Lebanon, thus benefiting 11,460 families, around 51,150 individuals.

The assistance included food parcels, bread bundles, personal protective equipment (protective hygiene kits), heating fuel, blankets, tarpaulins and other heating supplies which were provided to families affected by the recent storms in Lebanon, as part of the emergency relief team’s precautionary measures to prevent the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

Relief projects not only provided aid but also included the sterilization of more than 1,000 Syrian refugee camps, as well as some Lebanese slums. It is worth mentioning that URDA’s relief and shelter teams are fully prepared in case of any emergency in the current situation in Lebanon and prioritize serving the families most in need around the clock. 

Coronavirus Hygiene Kits

Help refugees receive coronavirus personal protective equipment including sanitizers, N95 masks, antiseptics, etc.

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