9-year-old Zeina Wishes to Die!

“My heart aches due to poverty,” says Zeina, who is only 9 years old, to describe the difficult conditions she and her family have to survive, as they face the deteriorating economic conditions and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Zeina echoed shocking words to us that made her so distant from the world of innocence and childhood. Her wishes are reduced to either living in another country or dying so she can get rid of her misery! To her, the planet is so ugly, hatred is everywhere in the hearts of human beings and poverty is neverending.

Going to school is a far-fetched dream for Zeina and her siblings, who cannot attend online lessons since her father’s phone is broken and he cannot secure a replacement for his children.

All this suffering can be seen in most Lebanese families throughout Lebanon, exacerbating social pressure and leading to a deterioration in the mental health of the Lebanese, including children, while the suicide factor in the Lebanese society continues to rise day by day.

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