A Different Kind of Sewing through Recycling Plastic!

“Sewing is art, and it has always been my source of happiness.” Afaf, one of the women participating in the plastic recycling workshops, expresses. “I have perfected sewing at a young age, but it’s the first time I sew using plastic bags. I gather the bags, wash, and then dry them to transform them into flowers, bags, or pencil cases. This increases my confidence and helps me protect the environment from plastic.” Afaf added. 

The Livelihood Sector’s project in URDA for recycling plastic is simple, yet it has great results. It helps spread awareness of the importance of protecting the environment from plastic. The project also supports and empowers women to improve their skills and experiences in sewing.” Afaf declared. “Sewing plastic bags is a new idea that emits hope for women that have faced long periods of abuse.”

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