Huthaifa’s Mother Offers Life to Her Son Twice

“Paradise lies under the feet of mothers,” and Huthaifa’s ideal mother, who donated one of her kidneys to get her son back to her again. Huthaifa had kidney failure and was in a bad health situation; his treatment was expensive, but his mother wanted him back healthy.

Twenty-two-year-old Huthaifa’s journey with kidney failure lasted for years. He has received financial and emotional assistance from URDA’s Healthcare Sector, which has accompanied him to his dialysis sessions at Al-Mayyas Hospital in Bekaa. Huthaifa has been supported by the Sector until his kidney transplant procedure was completed successfully, and URDA is still following up with him.

Huthaifa is a university student who works as a professional photographer in Beirut. His dreams expanded with him thanks to his mother’s support and strength, which have positively reflected on her son’s health, academics, and social life.

Happy Mother’s Day to Huthaifa’s mother, as well as all the selfless mothers all around the world!

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