“The Month of Togetherness” Campaign’s Most Prominent Achievements During the First 10 Days of Ramadan

Within its seasonal projects and titled Ramadan “The Month of Togetherness”, URDA implements its Ramadan projects in different Lebanese regions. The projects aim to support the most vulnerable communities by providing their needs of food parcels and daily hot iftar meals. During the first days of Ramadan, 8949 hot meals, 13954 food parcels, 1400 portions of dates, 35550 bread bundles, 340 meat, and chicken portions, and 300 vegetable portions were distributed. Moreover, URDA has started preparing for Ramadan by providing 1200 Eid clothes vouchers. 

The Ramadan distributions were provided for Lebanese, Syrian, and Palestinian families in Al-Bekaa, the North, Arsal, and Saida. Despite the recent economic difficulties that Lebanon has faced, URDA continues to give development and relief assistance. URDA’s Ramadan projects are not restricted to distributing food parcels and hot meals, but also subsiding the effects of the Lebanese economic, social, and health crises that most vulnerable people have suffered from, through the efforts of its different sectors.

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