A Special Birthday Surprise for Abeer Al Saghir in Al Yasmin Camp in the Bekaa Valley

After multiple visits to Al Yasmin Camp in Bekaa Valley, Abeer had built close relationships with the camp’s children, who had become like her extended family. Their touching stories had left an indelible mark in her heart. Therefore, this year, Abeer planned something special to celebrate her twenty-fifth birthday with the children of the Yasmin Camp.

Abeer prepared a massive birthday cake and headed to the Yasmin Camp, where the day was filled with joy and fun entertainment activities. The children enthusiastically joined her, sang a birthday song for Abeer, and offered their warmest congratulations. Abeer, known for her social impact, captured these heartfelt moments to share with her devoted followers.

During the moments of happiness and interaction with the children, Abeer was surprised by the lovely symbolic gifts they presented to her. These gifts were expressions of their love and gratitude for everything she had done for them. Among the gifts that added a special artistic touch to the celebration was a remarkable painting by one of the camp’s creative and talented children. This child had painted a beautiful artistic portrait of Abeer.

Abeer, a social media influencer, used her platform to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those in dire need. Her birthday celebration at the Yasmin Camp for refugees was a testament to the incredible power of giving and the ability to touch hearts that transcend boundaries and screens.


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