Achievements of the first day of the “Eid for All” campaign: Approximately 3,900 families benefited from meat distributions.

Under the slogan “Eid for All,” URDA launched its sacrificial projects for the year 1444 AH / 2023 AD, aiming to support the most vulnerable families in various regions of Lebanon. On the first day of the campaign, 57 calves and 80 sheep were slaughtered under the supervision of specialized relief teams.

Thanks to the efforts of the staff and volunteers, meat portions were distributed to approximately 3,900 underprivileged families of different Lebanese, Syrian, and Palestinian nationalities. The relief sector of URDA dispatched its field teams to the Bekaa, Arsal, the North, and Sidon with the aim of providing sacrificial meat throughout the days of Eid.

These field efforts are deserving of praise and admiration. One of the field workers at URDA affirmed, “We take pride in the role of the staff, volunteers, and supervisors involved in executing this project with professionalism and dedication. They performed the sacrifices with accuracy and expertise, in accordance with Islamic law. Through these collective efforts, we brought smiles to the faces of the beneficiaries and tried to alleviate their burdens as much as possible, given the difficult economic circumstances.”

Abu Qasim, one of the project beneficiaries in Kamid Al-Louz, stated, “Voluntary efforts and charitable initiatives like these inspire us and restore hope. They remind us of the power of solidarity and our ability to overcome challenges.” Abu Qasim expressed his sincere gratitude to URDA and all those who contributed to this campaign, turning Eid into a genuine opportunity to strengthen social bonds and share joy among everyone.

It’s worth noting that such humanitarian initiatives reinforce URDA’s leading humanitarian vision in meeting the needs of the most vulnerable families and providing necessary support to them, regardless of their nationalities and affiliations. Because Eid is not limited to a specific group, but rather Eid is for everyone, “Eid for All.”

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